Preventing Vaginal Infections (Gynecology)

The vagina is a delicate ecosystem.  Avoid douching as this may disrupt this balance leading to an overgrowth in yeast or bacteria. If you already have an infection, douching can make it worse. Using scented toilet paper or sanitary napkins, feminine deodorants, spermicides, harsh soaps or detergents can cause irritation, either leading to an infection or worsening an existing one.  Always change out of a wet bathing suit immediately, the yeast and bacteria that cause vaginal infections thrive in moist environments. Dry yourself thoroughly after bathing or showering. Avoid tight clothing, especially while exercising, and always wear cotton undergarments that absorb moisture. Keep the vaginal area clean, always wipe from the labia towards the rectum after a bowel movement to avoid spreading organisms from the rectum to the vagina.